[] Kloster Neustift bei Brixen
[] Alter Hof - Gasthof Zum Alten Moar Brixen
[] Alter Hof - Gasthof Zum Alten Moar Brixen
[] Alter Hof - Gasthof Zum Alten Moar Brixen
[] Alter Hof - Gasthof Zum Alten Moar Brixen


[] Kloster Neustift Brixen


When you come to the “Alten Moar”, you are walking through a farm and house with a centuries-old history. The close proximity to the Neustift Abbey and the Bishopric of Brixen make for a land steeped in history.

Come on a journey through time, back to the 13th century, when most of the land of the Vahrn community (including the Neustift Abbey) belonged to feudal lords, both

clergy and gentry.

The most important feudal lords owned, naturally, Neustift Abbey. Even before the year 1300, they began to rent land the farmers and their families. One of these was the "Moar in Bsack" farm.

[] Der Alte Hof - Gasthof Zum Alten Moar bei Brixen

In 1509, the surname Sigmund became linked to the “Moar in Bsack" farm for the first time, and has thus been linked to the Moarhof for over 500 years. Over the generations, the farm has been continuously extended.

Particularly in the last few decades since World War 2, the family has purchased a number of plots of land and woods. This includes the Zirmait Alm mountain pasture, acquired in the 1950s, which has gone on to become a popular destination for both locals and guests.  

The “Alten Moar” is, then a historically protected farm in the hands of the Sigmund family. We have now converted it into a meeting point for one and all, locals and guests alike.

Naturally, you can spend the night here in our romantic rooms, and enjoy pleasant dreams of a little of the history of this fascinating area after a hearty dinner and a few glasses of beer and wine.  Enquire for more information.


Our aim for the “Alten Moar” project was to preserve a piece of the land and the history of South Tyrol.

In order to achieve this, we, along with our team and numerous creative hand-workers, restored the farm with so much attention to detail. We will be delighted to host you in a piece of (South) Tyrolean history. 


The Sigmund family